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Outlaw Warrior-Poets
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A semi-private group to discuss Outsider Warrior practices of Celtic and Northern cultures
*****Please note, if you apply and you are not on saigh_allaidh's flist, then you must write me (you can message me through my profile) and let me know who you are and why you are interested. If you do this you MIGHT get in. Maybe. If you do not do this you will NOT get in. Period.*****

******Seriously, you are not getting in if I do not know you. You're just not. I don't care how fucking pretentious your fucking profile is. Just bugger off if you can't be bothered to follow the rules.***********

****All entries are members-only, if you just "watch" this community, you are going to look rather silly.*******

This is a space to discuss practices inspired by groups such as the Fianna of the Gaelic cultures, Outlaw warrior poets, warrior bands and those of the wilderness who are not quite fit for society in many ways. It will deal a lot with women warrior and queer warriors, but is open to straight men who want to explore something beyond the macho stereotypes of warrior. It is very much about spirituality and the mystic concepts will be a part of discussion, BUT the physical warrior stuff is VERY much about physical warriorship. This is not about "energy watching" in circle...although some might do that too...but will involve fun stuff like martial arts, fitness training and mad runs through forest or city streets.

Many of us might be called by An Morrígan/Badb/Nemain/Macha/Anu/Fea, but others might be warriors of Brighid or others. Other cultural Reconstructionists from cultures with such warrior bands, such as the various Norse and Germanic are more than welcome too. Those inspired by the warrior priestess evidence, transgendered and not, of the Sauro-Sarmatian cultures (the real "Amazons?") are as well.

We will discuss how we can work on training in a world that doesn't tend to offer us bands. such as we are inspired by, to join. How we go about working on all aspects of the path: fighting, fitness, poetry, ecstatic states, weapons, mediation, wilderness and urban survival, language, lore, history, emergency medical care, ....
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